Risk assessments

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All employers must complete written Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments should be completed for activities that could or present a significant risk to employers or others who may affected by their activities. Results of the assessment must be made known to those at risk, detailing the control measures to eliminate or reduce the risk.

We Can Assist

Workplace Safety Solutions can assist you in carrying out Risk Assessments in your workplace which will be relevant & specific to the type of activities that you carry out by:

  • Identifying the need for specific workplace Risk Assessments during Health & Safety Audits and Inspections
  • Provide Risk Assessor training for nominated employees
  • Providing a range of Risk Assessment Templates to cover different Workplace Activities
  • Assist in carrying out our Risk Assessments that require specialist knowledge or expertise.
  • Ensuring that systems are in place to inform employees about Risk Control Measures.
  • Ensuring that Risk Assessments are reviewed as required

A Risk is the likelihood of potential harm from a hazard being realised, the extent of the risk will depend on:

  • The likelihood of that harm occurring.
  • The potential severity of that harm i.e. of ay resulting injury, damage or adverse health effect.
  • The population that might be affected by the hazard i.e. the number of people who might be exposed.

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