Health & Safety Management

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Our bespoke tailor made packages will ensure that there is:

A Written Policy

A statement outlining the structure for control and accountability for managing health and safety in your workplace.

A Plan

Arrangements detailing how your business will approach all aspects of health & safety including hazard identification, risk assessments & risk control, emergency preparedness & response, identifying the relevant legislation and other standards that apply.

Health & Safety Objectives

Setting management targets and actions to effectively manage Health & Safety

Organisation Structure

Allocating Health & Safety responsibilities throughout the business, also ensuring required competence levels are met.

Two-Way Communication

Communicating the system to all employees whilst opening communication channels to and from the workforce.


of management processes and plans, from risk assessment to audits.

Measurement of Process

Using information from inspections, accident data, forums training and risk assessments.

As part of your bespoke proposal, Workplace Safety Solutions will carry out formal audits and management reviews to monitor & measure the Health & Safety performance of the business and provide solutions on how to improve it.

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