Competent Persons Assistance

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As per regulation 7 of the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999

It is a legal requirement for a company to have/have access to one or more Competent Person(s) to assist them in meeting their legal obligations.

The individual(s) you choose to act as your Competent Person(s) can be:

  • Yourself
  • One or More Employees
  • Someone from Outside the Organisation

However they must be able to demonstrate the necessary level of training, qualification and experience to manage the risks you wish them to do so.

Workplace Safety Solutions have a wealth of experience in acting as Competent Person(s) across a vast amount of sectors ranging from Construction to Retail to Education and beyond utilising the training, qualifications and experience from our talented advisors.

We offer a Pay Monthly Retained Subscription which includes:

  • A named Health & Safety Advisor dedicated to your business
  • A Health & Safety Helpline
  • Monthly Health & Safety Newsletter with several bulletins

Permission to name Workplace Safety Solutions as your Competent Persons via the use of our Company/Advisor CV's in a Accreditations/Pre-Qualification Questionnaires etc

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