Compliance Audit

Monitoring health and safety on sites can be a challenge, we can step in to provide independent inspections and monitoring for your sites.

Compliance Audit

Workplace Safety Solutions will carry out a compliance audit, of the Health and Safety Management arrangements, taking into consideration the following:

  • Compliance with relevant/current UK health and safety legislation
  • Alignment with the recognised “Plan, Do, Check, Act” management system principle
  • Alignment with business organisation and operation
  • Clear allocation of roles and responsibilities
  • How health and safety management is implemented and operated across the business
  • How the business measures health and safety performance
  • How the business manages changes in its operations/activities with regard to health and safety
  • How the business manages changes with regard to the introduction of any new equipment
  • How business reviews and ensures continual improvement in relation to health and safety management

  • On completion a report of the findings will be issued, which can then be used as an action plan to begin and aid continuous improvements within Health and Safety Management of the business.

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