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Case Study of alinea construction cost consultancy

Case Study of alinea construction cost consultancy

Can you provide some background on alinea's company history? In brief what was the main reasons that prompted you to contact Workplace Safety Solutions?
alinea is a construction cost consultancy in its 8th year of business. Currently 103 people strong, we have a culture of inclusivity, transparency and respect. We are proud to have been recognised by Building Magazine over the last three years, as one of the top five best employers in the industry. We also won the Building Magazine Award for Consultant of the Year (Over 100) in 2019, and have just been short listed again for this year.

Our incentive to contact WSS stemmed from the fact that they are a small company with a personable approach, with company values not to dissimilar from our own. We were also looking for a reliable and friendly team we could build a solid relationship with, something that we can proudly say we now have.

How did you find the initial contact with Workplace Safety Solutions?
Efficient, transparent and professional - our first meeting was with the company Director who gave us valuable advice and was really clear and concise when outlining the bespoke services WSS provides, promising a foundation of total support from the outset. Since the initial conversations and throughout our contract, communication and the quality of advice has been consistent and to a high standard.

In what ways have they assisted alinea in regard to Health and Safety? What are the main benefits to using Workplace Safety Solutions?
One of the main benefits to using WSS is that they provide us with a trustworthy and transparent service that we can depend on, something we all need more now than ever in the current climate. WSS help us to keep our workplace safe by providing us with sound advice and regular support, and the care they have for their clients is really evident.

How have you found the advisors approach and communications throughout any visits to sites or workplaces?
What impressed us from the start was the level of communication. I am able to get in touch with my competent person via phone or email at any point in the week and get the answers to my questions in a timely manner. We also have quarterly on-site meetings which have been great in building our relationship and enabling our advisor to become more familiar with our workplace, resulting in specific guidance bespoke to us.

If applicable how have you found Workplace Safety Solutions advice and general help towards the COVID-19 Pandemic? Did you find the procedures put into place useful?
Getting the most up to date information and correct advice during the pandemic has been of paramount importance to us, as nothing is more central to alinea than our people and their safety. We have been able to rely on WSS heavily during this period; our competent person put together a thorough Covid Secure Risk Assessment with us in a matter of days. The support and guidance during this period has been faultless with no dip in communication, and as a result we were able to reoccupy our office promptly and efficiently, whilst ensuring the safety of our people.

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