Case Study - Giffards Primary School

Case Study - Giffards Primary School

Can you provide some background on Giffards company history? In brief what was the main reasons that prompted you to contact Workplace Safety Solutions?

When we became a standalone academy rather than a local authority school, and therefore fully responsible for every area of H&S in our school, we felt we needed professional guidance and support. We had received IOSHH training from WSS previously and were impressed with the knowledge and support offered during this, hence contacting WSS to see if they could offer us a bespoke package of support.

How did you find the initial contact with Workplace Safety Solutions?


In what ways have they assisted Giffards in regard to Health and Safety? What are the main benefits to using Workplace Safety Solutions?

They assisted us in writing and implementing a detailed and thorough H&S policy, risk assessments and a fire risk assessment. We have used them for training new site staff as well as when needing clarification over new H&S guidance. We meet and review the H&S policy and Fire Risk Assessment yearly and have regular H&S reviews with them.

How have you found the advisors approach and communications throughout any visits to sites or workplaces?

They have never been anything but professional, courteous, helpful and friendly.

If applicable how have you found Workplace Safety Solutions advice and general help towards the COVID-19 Pandemic? Did you find the procedures put into place useful?

As we are a school we had to follow government guidance, that rapidly changed and was regularly updated, over COVID however WSS were there for us when we had a query over said guidance. Also they checked over our COVID RA initially and then every time we updated it to ensure it was detailed and thorough (it was - down to the initial training from WSS that included guidance and advice around RAs). They offered support as needed and gave us details of companies that they had investigated and could help with signs/screens etc.

They are there for us whenever we need them, thankfully this is not very often. We are a school whose practices ensure the continuing high standard of H&S of all staff and pupils. Our initial training and their on-going support is one of the reasons for this.

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